Mug french toast
"Mug French toast" that can be made with one mug.
material ( For 1 person )
Plain bread 1 sheet
milk 100cc
sugar 1 tablespoon
egg 1 piece
Vanilla essence, powdered sugar, etc. as you like
Simple recipe "Mug French Toast"

No frying pan used! Introducing a simple recipe for "Mug French Toast" that is easy and tastes great. Recommended for busy mornings and snack times.

[Material (for 1 person)]
・ 1 slice of bread ・ 100cc of milk
・ 1 tablespoon sugar
・ 1 egg ・ Vanilla essence, powdered sugar, etc. are your choice

[How to make]
1. 1. Cut the bread into bite-sized pieces

Making "Mug French Toast"

2. 2. Put the egg in a mug, melt it, add sugar and mix well.

Making "Mug French Toast"

3. 3. Add milk and mix further. * If you want to add vanilla essence, use this timing.

Making "Mug French Toast"

4. Add the cut bread and let it soak for 3-5 minutes.

Making "Mug French Toast"

5. Heat in the microwave (600W) for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete! * Because the bread swells, please watch the situation and heat it.

Making "Mug French Toast"

Making "Mug French Toast"

■ Moist and plump
The moist and fluffy French toast is a horse that you can't imagine made with lentin in a mug! If you like, we also recommend topping with maple syrup, honey, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, etc. Since we don't use a frying pan, it's a nice point to wash with just one mug ♪

"Mug French toast" that can be made with one mug

A simple recipe "Mug French Toast" that is worth remembering. How about for today's snack?