Natural Lawson "French Toast supervised by Ginza Nishikawa

Ginza Nishikawa-supervised French Toast, freshly baked bread supervised by Ginza Nishikawa, a popular high-end bread store, will be available at Natural Lawson stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Ginza NISHIKA supervised French toast

The "Ginza NISHIKAWA French Toast" uses Ginza NISHIKA's standard product, "premium quality bread with a focus on water. This French toast is a dessert-like French toast made with an original recipe to take advantage of the softness of the bread dough, which is made with honey, cream, butter, and other ingredients, right down to the ears. This is a Natural Lawson exclusive product not sold at Ginza Nishikawa.

Natural Lawson "French Toast supervised by Ginza Nishikawa

The price is 460 yen (tax included), and it will be available from September 13. This is the first time that NATURAL LAWSON has released a product supervised by a specialty store in its freshly baked bread series.

Ginza Nishikawa

The first store opened in Ginza, Tokyo in September 2018. The company currently operates 130 stores in 42 prefectures in Japan and Los Angeles, USA. The company's standard product, " premium bread made with water," is characterized by its soft and fluffy texture, even the edges are soft, and it has a hint of sweetness.