Recipe "Tofu cheese omelet"

Here are three "omelet recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. Fluffy "tofu cheese omelet" and "mug cup omelet" without milk. * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article page.

Mug omelet

Just heat it in the microwave! Introducing a simple " mug omelet " recipe. You can make it in a short time, so it is recommended for a busy morning or a simple lunch while working from home. The tuna and mayonnaise will give you a good taste!

"Mug omelet" recipe

Open omelet

Omelettes aren't just about wrapping! If you make an " open omelet " that doesn't wrap, it's easy to make, and there are no mistakes! If you add plenty of vegetables to make it colorful and healthy, it will be a perfect dish for breakfast or lunch as a main dish.

Recipe "Open Omelet"

Tofu cheese omelet

Introducing the recipe for " tofu cheese omelet " made from eggs, tofu and cheese. It is fluffy, juicy and voluminous even without milk. Cheese is not essential, but the impact of cheese makes up for the lightness of tofu, so you may feel a little unsatisfactory without cheese. Also, the tofu flavor tends to remain, so it is recommended to adjust it with seasoning such as strengthening ketchup.

Recipe "Tofu cheese omelet"