Recipe "Chewy pancakes with hanpen

We introduce a collection of "hanpen" recipes that the Engeboku editorial staff actually tried to make and found delicious. The recipes are "hanpen omelet", "cheese crab pancake", and "chewy pancake with hanpen". Click on each recipe name to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Fried egg with half-shelled fish paste

Here is a recipe for " hanpen omelette. The umami of the hanpen, the richness of the egg, and the sweet seasoning make this dish addictive and delicious. It is also very hearty.

Recipe for "hanpen omelet

Cheese and Crab Cake Baked on a Bun

Cheese and crab cake hanpenyaki recipe that can be made quickly in a plastic bag and frying pan without a knife. It is also convenient as a snack for drinks or a bento dish. It is also easy to make with a plastic bag and a frying pan, so you don't need a knife.

Cheese and Crabapple Bake Recipe

Chewy pancakes with hanpen

Introducing " Mochimochi Pancakes with Hanpen ", a special recipe that allows you to enjoy the best fluffy and chewy pancakes without standing in line. It is made by adding hanpen to a commercially available pancake mix. They are so delicious!

Recipe "Chewy pancakes with hanpen