"Kabuto eggplant simmering ankake" recipe!
A recipe for "Turnip and eggplant simmering ankake" that is recommended when the turnip is in season. It is a dish that warms your body and mind.
Material ( For 3 people )
stocks 5 pieces
eggplant 3
Minced pork lean meat 100g (3.53oz)
soy sauce 1 tablespoon
It's granules 1 tsp
Ginger tube About 1 cm
water 300ml (10.14us fl oz)
potato starch 1 tablespoon
Kabuto eggplant simmering ankake

Introducing the recipe of "Turnip and eggplant simmering ankake" recommended when the turnip is in season. A dish that warms your body and soul.

Kabuto eggplant simmering ankake


5 turnips 3 eggplants Minced pork 100g (3.53oz)
1 tablespoon of salty sauce
Granule soup stock 1 teaspoon
Ginger tube about 1 cm
300 ml of water
1 tablespoon of potato starch

How to make

1. Cut off the stem of the turnip, peel it, and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Cut the leaves into 3 cm wide pieces. Eggplant cuts off the calyx and cuts into bite-sized pieces.

Randomly chopped helmet leaves

2. Put minced pork and ginger in a frying pan and fry over medium heat.

Minced pork fried in a frying pan

3. When the pork is cooked for about 70%, add turnips (leave the leaves) and eggplant and fry.

Kabuto eggplant simmering ankake

4. When the pork is cooked, add water, salty soy sauce, and granule soup stock and simmer over medium heat.

Kabuto eggplant simmering ankake

5. Add turnip leaves when the water is about 1/3. Add the potato starch dissolved in water (2 tbsp) and mix, and when it thickens, it is complete.

Kabuto eggplant simmering ankake

What is the taste of the simmering ankake of the helmet and eggplant?

A helmet that crumbles when chewed, a trolley and a soft eggplant. In both cases, the taste of the ingredients is light, so you can feel the richness and sweetness of the meat and the taste of the soup stock. Turnip leaves and ginger flavor accentuate the crispy texture that was added at the end.

Kabuto eggplant simmering ankake

It is also a nice point that it is hard to cool down over time because it is moderately thickened. It's delicious even if you put it on rice and donburi.