Kiriboshi-daikon with yogurt and miso

We introduce a collection of side dish recipes using yogurt. There are five recipes: "Grilled eggplant with yogurt sauce," "Dried radish with yogurt miso," "Cucumber and banana with yogurt," "Celery and mixed bean salad," and "Avocado with wasabi and yogurt.

Grilled eggplant with yogurt sauce

grilled eggplant with yogurt sauce

A simple recipe for grilled eggplant with yogurt sauce. The juicy, savory eggplant goes perfectly with the creamy yogurt sauce! The mayonnaise gives it a rich flavor, but the yogurt keeps it light and refreshing. And the garlic packs a punch that lingers! No special seasonings are needed, it is easy to make and tastes a little different from the usual. It is also a great snack for home-drinking.

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Kiriboshi Daikon with Yogurt and Miso Sauce

Kiriboshi-daikon with yogurt and miso

Yogurt, miso, and kiriboshi daikon combine to create a creamy, rich, cheese-like flavor. Rich and satisfying! The ground sesame seeds, which add a savory flavor while also increasing the richness, are also effective.

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Cucumber and Banana with Yogurt

Cucumber and banana with yogurt

A fresh combination of crunchy cucumbers and mild bananas. By dressing with yogurt, you can enjoy its fresh sourness, richness, and creamy texture. Raisins add a sweet and sour accent. The refreshing taste is perfect for the hot season.

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Celery and Mixed Bean Salad

Celery and mixed bean salad

Recipe for Celery and Mixed Bean Salad. The crisp texture and fresh flavor of celery and onions are matched by the mild and creamy taste of mayonnaise and yogurt. The beans add richness and volume to this satisfying salad.

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Avocado with Wasabi and Yogurt

Avocado with wasabi and yogurt

Recipe for "Avocado with Wasabi Yogurt" with a creamy mouthfeel. The mild avocado and drained yogurt sauce give this dressing a creamy finish. The crisp texture of the pickled wasabi and its spiciness add a refreshing accent. This dish is easy to make and is recommended as a snack.

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