Royal Host "Baked Apple ~ Jonathan Apple ~"

The new winter dessert "Baked Apple ~ Jonathan Apple ~" will be on sale at Royal Host from November 24th to early January 2022 (excluding some stores). Sales time is from 10:30.

Baked Apple ~ Jonathan Apple ~

A lineup of 5 desserts featuring Jonathan apples, which are characterized by their firm flesh and strong acidity. "Petit apple parfait" is also on sale as a seasonal petit dessert that can be combined with food.

Jonathan apples and salted caramel ice cream brulee parfait

Caramelize with a flower pattern of Jonathan apples. A parfait where you can enjoy various ingredients such as salted caramel ice cream, pecan nuts, apple sorbet, jelly, and sauce. The price is 968 yen (tax included, same below).

Royal Host "Jonathan Apple and Salt Caramel Ice Brulee Parfait"

Jonathan apple Mont Blanc parfait

A parfait with sweet and sour baked apples, vanilla ice cream, pecan nuts, and rich marron cream. The price is 858 yen.

Royal Host "Mont Blanc Parfait of Jonathan Apples"

Jonathan apple and yogurt parfait

A parfait where you can fully enjoy apple sorbet, grilled apples, and crispy apples. It is refreshingly finished with yogurt, cassis ice cream and banana. The price is 858 yen.

Royal Host "Jonathan Apple Yogurt Parfait"

Grilled apple creme brulee-with salted caramel ice cream and pie-

Half of the apples are baked in the shop as they are and sprinkled with custard to make them look like creme brulee. Enjoy with salted caramel ice cream, crispy pies, fresh apples and nuts. The price is 858 yen.

Royal Host "Crème Brulee of Grilled Apples-with salted caramel ice cream and pie-"

Soft chiffon cake-Jonathan apple & Mont Blanc-

A dish that you can enjoy alone or share. You can enjoy the refreshing taste of apple sorbet topped with Jonathan apples and the rich taste of vanilla ice cream squeezed with marron cream. Served with caramel sauce and nuts. The price is 1,188 yen.

Royal Host "Fluffy Chiffon Cake-Jonathan Apple & Mont Blanc-"

Petit apple parfait

Weekday lunchtime limited special lunch, Angus steak lunch, and petit dessert that you can choose from the special set of the grand menu can be exchanged for "petit apple parfait" for an additional 165 yen.

Royal Host "Petit Apple Parfait"

* The apple varieties used for apple sorbet, apple jelly, and apple sauce are not Jonathan.
* Some stores have different prices, sales periods, and sales times.
* Sales start and end times may differ from the schedule depending on the harvest status of ingredients.
* Dessert To go delivery will not be sold.