Royal Host "Strawberry ~ Sweet Strawberry 1st season ~"

"Strawberry ~ Sweet Strawberry 1st season ~" will be on sale for a limited time from January 12, 2022 (excluding some stores) at Royal Host. Sales time is from 10:30.

Strawberry ~ Sweet Strawberry 1st season ~

The most popular seasonal dessert, "Strawberry ~ Sweet Strawberry ~". In 2022, we will offer products in two seasons because we want you to fully enjoy the domestic strawberry season until the beginning of May. In the 1st season until the beginning of March, in addition to the 5 items including the popular "Strawberry Brulee Parfait" every year, the seasonal petit dessert "Petit Strawberry Parfait" is lined up.

Strawberry Brulee Parfait

A parfait made of various materials that is fun to look at. You can enjoy the crispy and fragrant caramelized creme brulee and the taste of sweet and sour strawberries. The price is 968 yen (tax included, same below).

Royal Host "Strawberry Brulee Parfait"

Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait

A mille-feuille parfait with crispy pie and custard, strawberry sorbet, and vanilla ice cream. The price is 858 yen.

Royal Host "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"

Kirsch scented berry brulee parfait

An adult brulee parfait with a mellow berry scent that is made with Kirsch (cherry liquor). * Alcohol is included. The price is 858 yen.

Royal Host "Kirsch Fragrant Berry Brulee Parfait"

Royal Host's Strawberry Parfait

A gorgeous parfait that combines 10 strawberries, milky panna cotta, salted caramel ice cream, and vanilla ice cream. You can fully enjoy the strawberries and it is a perfect reward for yourself. The price is 1,518 yen.

Royal Host "Royal Host's Strawberry Parfait"

Strawberry chiffon shortcake to taste in the hall

A shortcake with strawberry sandwiched on a slightly smaller whole chiffon cake and whipped cream with custard. You can enjoy shortcake in the hall. The price is 968 yen.

Royal Host "Strawberry Chiffon Shortcake in the Hall"

Petit Strawberry Parfait

Weekday lunchtime limited special lunch Angus steak lunch and petit dessert that you can choose from the special set of the grand menu can be exchanged for "Petit Strawberry Parfait" for an additional 330 yen.

Royal Host "Petit Strawberry Parfait"

* Some stores have different prices, sales periods, and sales times.
* Sales start and end times may differ from the schedule depending on the harvest status of the ingredients.
* Dessert To go delivery will not be sold.