Royal Host "Strawberry ~Sweet Strawberry~ 2nd season
Strawberry ~Sweet Strawberry~ 2nd season


Host Strawberry ~Sweet Strawberry~ 2nd


The "Strawberry ~Sweet Strawberry~ 2nd season" fair has started at Royal Host, featuring "Strawberry Brulee Parfait", "Strawberry Yogurt Germani", "Strawberry & Belgian Chocolate", and "Petit Strawberry Parfait". Strawberry & Belgian Chocolate" and "Petit Strawberry Parfait" will also be available. The sales period is scheduled from March 8, 2023 to mid-May.

Strawberry Bru

lee Parfait "Strawberry Brulee Parfait" will be available following the first season. The crispy caramelized crème brûlée is accented with sweet and sour strawberries and pecan nuts. This parfait is a delightful combination of various ingredients in terms of both appearance and texture. Priced at 1,078 yen.

Royal Host "Strawberry Brulee Parfait
Strawberry Brulee Parfait


Yogurt Germani "Strawberry Yogurt Germani" is a special strawberry version of the "Yogurt Germani" that has been a popular dessert at Royal Host. Fresh strawberries, yogurt, and strawberry sauce are the toppings for this seasonal delicacy. The price is 1,298 yen.

Royal Host "Strawberry Yogurt Germani
Strawberry Yogurt Germani

Strawberry & Belgian


"Strawberry & Belgian Chocolate" combines Belgian chocolate ice cream, strawberry sorbet, and fluffy chiffon cake, topped with thinly spread crepe dough, finely crushed fiantine, and cocoa powder. The topping is made of finely crushed fiantine and cocoa powder. You can enjoy the crispy texture. The price is 968 yen.

Royal Host "Strawberry & Bergevin Chocolate
Strawberry & Bergen Chocolate



Parfait "Petit Strawberry Parfait" is served with weekday lunch time special lunch, Angus steak lunch, and special set of the grand menu. The price is 528 yen.

Royal Host "Petit Strawberry Parfait
Petit Strawberry Parfait

The "Strawberry ~Sweet Strawberry~ 2nd season" fair menu will be available at 215 Royal Host stores nationwide. The Nagoya Hoshigaoka branch will offer only two items. Haneda Airport, Hiroshima Airport, Naha Airport, Kagoshima Airport, New Chitose Airport, and Kyushu University Hospital branches are excluded. In addition, some stores have different prices, sales periods, and sales hours. The start and end dates of sales may differ depending on the harvest of ingredients. Desserts are not available for To go or delivery.