Royal Host "Red Bean Apple Dessert

Royal Host "BENIDAMA APPLE DESSERT" Winter Limited Menu

Royal Host will offer four types of "BENIDAMA APPLE DESSERT" winter limited menu starting November 24 for a limited time only.



This year marks the fourth time for the winter-only "BENITAMA APPLE DESSERT" using BENITAMA apples. This year's theme is "Baked & Fresh.

The deep red color of the Bingtama apple is eye-catching, and the small size of the apple has a good balance of concentrated sweetness and sourness, making it a popular variety for use in confectionaries and cooked dishes. At Royal Host, customers can enjoy the different tastes of fresh apples and baked apples, which are baked in the store to bring out their sweetness and aroma.

Red apple and salted caramel ice cream brûlée par

fait Crispy crème brûlée is layered with baked apples, pecan nuts, fresh apples, sorbet and jelly. The price is 1,078 yen (tax included).

Royal Host "Brûlée Parfait with Red Apple and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Red apple shortcake

parfait: Soft chiffon cake layered with red apple, whipped cream, custard, and salted caramel ice cream. It is topped with caramel sauce and almonds for a rich flavor. Price: 858 yen.

Royal Host "Red Apple Shortcake Made with Red Apples".

Baked Apple Crème Brulee with Caramel Sauce -

Half of an apple is baked in the store to create a crème brulee style. Inside are pecan nuts and raisins, and savory almonds are sprinkled on top for a finishing touch. It is served with warm caramel sauce. The price is 968 yen.

Royal Host "Baked Apple Crème Brulee with Caramel Sauce

The variety of apple used in the apple sorbet, apple jelly, and apple sauce is not the Red Bean.

Petit Apple


The Petit Dessert of Choice and Petit Happy Dessert Set* can be changed to the Petit Apple Parfait for an additional 363 yen. This petit parfait is a perfect after-dinner dessert consisting of apple jelly, whipped cream, apple sorbet, and baked apples.

Royal Host "Petit Apple Parfait

Petit Happy Dessert Set can be ordered with a meal for 165 yen.
Petit apple parfait" will not be sold separately.

[Red apple dessert sales outline]
Sales period: Thursday, November 24, 2022 - Scheduled for early January, 2023
Sales hours: 10:30 -
Sales outlets: 214 Royal Host stores nationwide * Nagoya Hoshigaoka store sells only 2 items
(except Haneda Airport, Hiroshima Airport, Naha Airport, Kagoshima Airport, New Chitose Airport, Kyushu University Hospital) )

* Prices, sales period and sales hours may differ at some stores.
The start and end dates of sales may differ depending on the harvest conditions.
Desserts are not available for To go or delivery.