Saizeriya "Lamb's Ragout Trofie"

In Saizeriya's new menu, check out all the delicious foods that the En-eating editorial department actually tried! "Lamb ragout trophie", "broccoli crap", "olive anchovy paste". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page

Olive anchovy paste

I actually tried the new menu " Olive Anchovy Paste " sold by Saizeriya. Based on the aged taste and salty anchovy, the aroma of garlic and caper and the richness of olives are added to reproduce the taste of Southern Italy.

Saizeriya "Olive Anchovy Paste"

Broccoli crap

I actually tried Saizeriya's new menu " Broccoli no Kutakuta ". A menu that is stewed until the broccoli is exhausted. A simple bread, pizza, or pasta topping will be a good accent.

Saizeriya "Broccoli crap"

Lamb ragout lamb

I actually tried Saizeriya's new menu " Lamb Ragout Trofie ". A menu that combines lamb meat sauce with a feeling of meat and short pasta "Trofie" that is often entwined with the sauce. Also, if you sprinkle the topping "Gran Moravia Cheese" that you can use for free, the mellow flavor and richness of the cheese will increase and it will be even richer!

Saizeriya "Lamb's Ragout Trofie"