Lions Recipe "Saba Tokinoko Curry Pilaf"

Seibu Lions publishes "Lions Recipe" supervised by Lions registered dietitians who support athletes' performance from the viewpoint of "food" on the Lions official website and the official Twitter of the team.

This is part of the "Home WE ARE ONE Project," which was launched with the idea that the team and fans will work together to overcome it. With the registered dietitian of the team, we want people who spend a lot of time at home or who are concerned about their health to eat a well-balanced meal while cooking happily due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. I planned it.

The first recipe is "Saba Tokinoko Curry Pilaf". Mackerel mushrooms (Bunashimeji) are rich in vitamin D and are the perfect ingredients for building strong bones.

Lions Recipe "Saba Tokinoko Curry Pilaf"

In addition to how to make it, the recipe video also introduces how to arrange it as "Leo's Hitokuchi Memo". Even people who don't usually cook much and parents and children can easily make it. Comments from pitchers Yutaro Watanabe and Kouki Matsuoka who actually ate this menu at the Wakashishi Dormitory are also posted.

Pitcher Yutaro Watanabe and Pitcher Kouki Matsuoka

Lions' unique recipes supervised by a registered dietitian will be released five times in total. On the "Home WE ARE ONE Project" page, "Plans that you can play at home" and "Original virtual background" are also posted.