Kameya Mannendo "Salt bean paste with pestle Daifuku"

Kameya Mannendo will release a seasonal summer product "Daifuku with pestle" using "Yukishio" from Miyakojima, Okinawa on May 13th. Available at Kameya Mannendo direct sales stores (29 stores in Kanagawa, Tokyo). The price is 194 yen (tax included) per piece. The sale period is until the end of August.

"Daifuku bean paste with pestle" is a seasonal gem wrapped in a coarse dough containing red bean paste and red peas with "snow salt" from Miyakojima, Okinawa. The salted bean paste is made by carefully cooking red beans from Hokkaido and adding "Yukishio" from Miyakojima, Okinawa. Mineral-rich snow salt has a mellow taste and adds depth to the taste.

Daifuku mochi has a strong and flavorful flavor, and is said to be the finest glutinous rice. By combining mochi powder with rice cake from Niigata prefecture, it has a particular texture. Daifuku also uses snow salt for Daifuku mochi, and red peas from Hokkaido are pickled in honey to enhance the taste of the bean paste and mochi.

The firm and rough Daifuku mochi has a presence comparable to that of salted bean paste, and it goes well with the delicious salted bean paste that has a refreshing finish. With the addition of delicious red peas that can be eaten as they are, Daifuku is so irresistible that you can taste it.