Kameya Mannendo New Product "Pistachio Strawberry Daifuku


December, "Pistachio Strawberry Daifuku," made with sweet and sour strawberries and a colorful pistachio bean paste with a fresh aroma, wrapped in a soft Haniue rice cake, is sold at direct sales stores. The price is 270 yen per piece (including tax).

The price is 270 yen per piece (tax included, limited time only). The sales period is from December 1 to December 21. The quantity is limited. The product is sold at 28 Kameya Mannendo stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa.



Daifuku "Pistachio Strawberry Daifuku" is made from carefully selected large Japanese strawberries and uses a whole piece for a luxurious taste. It is combined with a brightly colored, savory, and richly flavored pistachio bean paste. The strawberries and pistachio bean paste are wrapped in soft Hanijyu mochi (rice cake wrapped in a thin layer of mochi) for the most delicious taste, creating a luxurious fruit daifuku in Christmas colors.

Pre-orders are accepted at Kameya Mannendo stores. You can make a reservation even for a single piece.

Due to the nature of the product, it is not sold in the online store.