Kura Sushi "Book Tuna Fair"

At each Kura Sushi store, the Fukui brand "Fukui Salmon" will be on sale for a limited time from May 14th. In addition, the "Honmaguro Fair" will be held from May 11th, featuring "[Mediterranean] Honmaguro Daitoro (Consistent)" and "[Mediterranean] Honmaguro Upper Lean".

Until now, "Fukui salmon" has been sold mainly in the three Hokuriku prefectures and by mail order, but with the provision of Kura Sushi, it will be possible to enjoy it as fresh raw salmon nationwide for the first time. Eggs are hatched at a freshwater fish farm centered on Ono City, Fukui Prefecture, which is also known as a famous water town. After spending about a year, it will be raised for about half a year, mainly in Wakasa Bay in winter. Fukui salmon, which is grown freely in the cold and clear Wakasa sea, is characterized by its bright salmon pink color, and has a chewy meat quality comparable to that of high-quality salmon produced overseas such as Norway. You can enjoy the elegant fat paste.

Kura Sushi "Fukui Salmon"
Fukui salmon

At Kura Sushi this time, this high-quality "Fukui salmon" is transported raw from landing to the store without being frozen, and is cut into oversized pieces and served in the store. You can enjoy seasonal raw salmon that takes advantage of the speed of distribution unique to domestic products at a reasonable price of 110 yen including tax.

In addition, at the "Tuna Fair" to be held from May 11, products using luxurious tuna, which is also called the "King of Tuna", will be on sale. "Honmaguro Daitoro (consistent)" (220 yen including tax), which uses Mediterranean tuna, is carefully selected only for the parts that are particularly greasy. The umami and sweetness that melts when you put it in your mouth spreads. In addition, "Honmaguro Upper Red Meat" (220 yen including tax) is selected from bright and high-quality lean meat, and is characterized by its rich and rich flavor and chewy texture. You can enjoy the original taste of tuna.

Kura Sushi "Honmaguro Fair"
Honmaguro Daitoro (consistent)

Kura Sushi "Honmaguro Fair"
Red meat on this tuna