Shikishima Bread "Melting Cream Chiffon Uji Matcha"

From March 1st, "Melting Cream Chiffon Uji Matcha" using two types of whipped cream will be on sale from Shikishima Bread (Pasco) for spring only. Handled in Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, and Shikoku areas.

"Melting cream chiffon Uji matcha" uses two types of cream, Uji matcha whipped cream and whipped cream, with Uji matcha whipped cream in the center and low-sweetness whipped cream in four places on the outside. Chiffon cake finished so that you can feel the cream.

Uji matcha is added to the chiffon cake dough, and you can enjoy the fluffy texture containing large bubbles by the "separate manufacturing method" (*) and the combination of the rich taste of Uji matcha and whipped cream.

* The separate manufacturing method is a manufacturing method in which egg yolk and egg white are separated and beaten separately before being combined. Chiffon dough, which contains a lot of water and oil, tends to collapse air bubbles, so if you set it up separately, it will become a fluffy dough that embraces large air bubbles in the egg white.