Hattendo "Amaou Strawberry Cream Bun"
Strawberry jam packed

Hattendo's seasonal menu "Amaou Strawberry Cream Bread" is back again this year. "Amaou" The taste of strawberries stimulates the tongue vividly, but at the end, it is a sweet bread like Hattendo, where the flavor of cream is superior.

Hattendo's cream buns from Fukuoka have recently become easier to buy in other areas, and I'm happy that it's easier to get limited flavors for spring, summer, autumn and winter. As the name suggests, the Amaou strawberry cream bun that I saw at the shop at Shinagawa Station in Tokyo contains plenty of strawberry jam. The price is 260 yen (tax included).

Hattendo's "Amaou Strawberry Cream Bun"
The package is also strawberry-like

Not only the sweetness but also the sourness of the jam clearly tickles the taste, and the texture of the fluffy seeds is also present, leaving the fruitiness. It's packed in bread, so you can call it jam bread.

Hattendo "Amaou Strawberry Cream Bun"
It ’s like jam bread, but it ’s cream bun.

But after all, Hattendo's cream bun is cream bun. When you put a knife in and cut it into pieces, you can see a layer of cream as if you were squeezing the edge of a bright red jam, but when you squeeze it, the sweetness, softness, and gentle scent gradually come out from this part. .. Even though it was full of strawberries, the impression of cream remained after eating, which was a very nice taste.