#Forbidden snow toast-like cake

Forbidden Yukimi Toast" Yukimi-dakufuku x Cho-Syu commercialized!

Pasco will release "#Forbidden Yukimi Toast-like Cake" inspired by the forbidden way of eating Lotte's "Yukimi-dakufu", which became a topic of conversation when it collaborated with "Chojuku".

#Forbidden Yukimi Toast-like Cake

The new product, "#Forbidden Yukimi Toast-like Cake," was developed after Lotte asked us in October 2021 if we could develop a product that would allow people to enjoy the taste of #Forbidden Yukimi Toast, a recipe for toasting cheese and "Yukimi Dakko" on top of a piece of bread. This was the start of the development process. It took more than 30 times of trial production and about a year for the product to be released.

#Forbidden snow toast-like cake

Expressing the texture of melting snow, sweetness, and burnt toast

The cake batter is combined with a mochi-like dough to recreate the texture of mochi (rice cake) when the "Yukimi-dakko" is toasted, and the vanilla-flavored whipped cream and cheese cream recreate the "amazeballs". The "sweetness" is reproduced with vanilla-flavored whipped cream and cheese cream. In order to bring the appearance of "#Forbidden Yukimi Toast" closer to that of toast, a square shape similar to that of toast and a toast-like burnt texture are expressed in the cake batter.

The package uses fonts and colors inspired by the "Yukimi-dakkuhu" brand. The design also evokes a sense of collaboration from the outside.

The product will be sold in the Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu regions from November 1 (limited release in some stores in the Kyushu region). Available at supermarkets, drugstores, etc. Open price.