Lotteria's Half-boiled Moonlight" series
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Lotteria "Lotteria no Hanjuku Tsukimi" series & "Hanjuku O-imo Fair"

Four items in the "Lotteria no Hanjuku Tsukimi" series will be on sale at Lotteria restaurants from September 7 until mid-October (except at some restaurants). The lineup includes "Hanjuku Tsukimi: Japanese Style Zesshin Cheeseburger," "Hanjuku Tsukimi: Japanese Style Shrimp Burger," "Hanjuku Tsukimi: Japanese Style Teriyaki Burger," and "Hanjuku Tsukimi: Deliciously Spicy Zesshin Cheeseburger.

In addition, "Eating Time Imo Fair" will be held from September 7, and "Aged Golden Potato (Inca no Mezame)" and "Purple Imo Shake" will be available until early October.

Lotteria "Eating Time Sweet Potato Fair" (Japanese only)


Hanjuku Tsukimi Hanjuku Tsukimi Japanese-style exquisite cheeseburger

Lotteria "Hanjuku Tsukimi Japanese-style exquisite cheeseburger".

A superb cheese hamburger patty made with up to 8mm of coarsely ground beef, seasoned simply with salt, pepper and oregano, topped with two types of melted natural cheese (Gouda and red cheddar), and grilled to perfection, combined with Lotteria's original "half-boiled egg" with its thick yolk and "Japanese-style ginger soy sauce". The burger is sandwiched between soft and chewy buns. The "Japanese Ginger Soy Sauce" is made with aromatic and mildly pungent Japanese ginger, two kinds of soy sauces (thick tamari soy sauce and dark soy sauce), mildly sweet san-on sugar, and oyster sauce as a secret ingredient. The price is 570 yen (tax included, same as below).

Half-boiled Tsukimi Japanese-style shrimp burger

Lotteria "Hanjuku Tsukimi Japanese-style shrimp burger

A crispy shrimp patty, half-boiled egg, Japanese ginger soy sauce, and Lotteria's original "special tartar sauce" with a simple but deep flavor mixed by hand at the store, and cabbage are sandwiched between a fluffy bun. The price is 550 yen.

Hanjuku Tsukimi Japanese-style Teriyaki Burger

Lotteria "Hanjuku Tsukimi Japanese-style Teriyaki Burger

A teriyaki burger consisting of a hamburger patty, half-boiled egg and Japanese ginger soy sauce, lettuce, mayo sauce and mustard, all sandwiched between plump buns. The price is 490 yen.


Tsukimi Yuzu Zesshin Cheese Burger

Lotteria "Hanjuku Tsukimi Yuzu Zesshin Cheeseburger

A delicious cheese hamburger patty, half-boiled egg, and sriracha sauce with a deliciously spicy flavor, sandwiched between a soft and chewy bun. The price is 590 yen.

Aged Golden




Aged Golden Potato (Inca no mezame

Lotteria "Aged Golden Potato (Inca no mezame)

These fries are made from "Inca Mezame" potatoes produced in Makubetsu-cho, Tokachi, Hokkaido, which have a rich, sweet, chestnut-like flavor after being harvested and aged over the winter. The fries are cut into quarter-size pieces and deep-fried with the skins on, taking advantage of the small size of the seeds, without seasoning so that the true sweetness of the "Inca Mezame" can be fully appreciated. You can enjoy the rich sweetness and crunchy texture. The price is 330 yen.

Murasaki Imo Shake

Lotteria "Purple Imo Shake

This two-layer Purple Imo Shake combines a milk-based shake with a rich, yet refreshing aftertaste and a hint of vanilla, and a shake made with purple potatoes that are just the right amount of sweetness and brightly colored. The flavor changes as you mix and match the shakes. The price is 290 yen.

Some products may not be available at some stores.