Kimuraya Sohonten "Sakura no Hana"
Kimuraya Sohonten's "Sakura no Hana" is gorgeous

Anpan from Kimuraya Sohonten, which is always delicious. This time, I tried and compared spring flavors such as cherry blossoms and strawberries. We have picked up three types that look good for cherry blossom viewing in the future, such as new products that look gorgeous in the shape of flowers.

Anpan and sweet bread at Kimuraya Sohonten
Various spring flavors

"Sakura no Hana", "Sake Anpan Sakura", and "Sake Anpan Amaou Strawberry" have their own individuality.

Anpan and sweet bread at Kimuraya Sohonten
Let's eat and compare

·Cherry Blossom

"Sakura no Hana" at Kimuraya Sohonten
Round cherry blossoms

Sakura no Hana is a new product that appeared in February. The price is 241 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). According to the shop staff, it's only for a limited time, but it's not yet known when it will be on the shelves. It features a gorgeous appearance that makes you feel like you are welcoming the cherry blossoms. Strictly speaking, it is a different kind of sweet bread from Anpan, but since it is filled with cherry-flavored bean paste, I tried to compare it.

The bread that imitates the five petals that spread radially has a two-layer structure, the upper side is glossy and elastic, and the lower side is moist and soft. The difference in texture is interesting. The golden decoration in the middle also has a different flavor from the surroundings, reminiscent of custard.

Kimuraya Sohonten's "Sakura no Hana"
Anha jelly-like or "Domyoji" -like texture

The bean paste has a fluffy sweet cherry flavor, and the texture is a little jelly-like, or the Japanese sweets "Domyoji". Since it is large in size, it may be better to cut it with a knife or break it by hand and share it with family and friends. Wouldn't it be lunch for one person?

 "Sakura no Hana" at Kimuraya Sohonten
Volume is large