McDonald's "Tsukimi Family" all 7 products

McDonald's "

Tsukimi Family" 7 Products A total of 7 products of the "Tsukimi Family", a traditional autumnal dish, will be available at McDonald's restaurants for a limited time starting September 6. In addition to the well-known "Tsukimi Burger," the lineup includes a new burger, "Shichimi-scented Beef Suki Tsukimi," and a new sweet, "Tsukimi McShake Nagano Prefecture Shine Muscat (Nagano Prefecture Shine Muscat juice 1%).



McDonald's "Tsukimi Burger

The popular "Tsukimi Burger" will be available again this year. The juicy 100% beef patty is topped with smoked bacon and a creamy, rich tomato creamy sauce. Priced from 420 yen (tax included, same below).

Cheese Tsukimi

McDonald's "Cheese Moonlight".

Rich cheddar cheese is added to the Tsukimi Burger. The Cheese Tsukimi Burger features a Japanese egg shaped like the moon, a 100% beef patty, and smoked bacon on top. Cheese lovers will enjoy the perfect combination of melted cheddar cheese and creamy, rich tomato creamy sauce. Priced from 450 yen.

Shichimi-scented Beef Suki Tsukimi

McDonald's "Beef Suki Tsukimi with Seven Spices

This new Tsukimi Burger offers the flavor of beef sukiyaki with the aroma of shichimi (seven spices) along with the egg. The steamed Japanese egg is shaped like the moon, and is combined with a 100% beef patty, smoked bacon, rich cheddar cheese, and a rich creamy tomato sauce. The beef patty is then sandwiched between two steamed, fluffy buns with sweet and spicy braised beef and a spicy shichimi (seven spice) accented beef filling. Priced from 520 yen.



McDonald's "Tsukimi Muffin

The "Tsukimi Burger" can be enjoyed in the morning as well. It is made with a Japanese egg that looks like the moon, a flavorful sausage patty, smoked bacon, and a rich creamy tomato sauce, all sandwiched between two English muffins. Prices start at 380 yen.



McDonald's "Moon Pie

The popular "Tsukimi Pie" (moon-viewing pie) is back again this year. The pie is filled with soft sweet red bean paste and soft mochi (rice cake), and wrapped in a crispy pie. Prices start at 180 yen.


McShake Nagano-produced Shine Muscat (1% Nagano-produced Shine Muscat juice)

McDonald's "Tsukimi McShake Nagano Prefecture Shine Muscat (Nagano Prefecture Shine Muscat juice 1%)".

A new flavor of Tsukimi McShake, perfect for the "Tsukimi Family," an autumn tradition. This fruity fall-only shake is made with Nagano Prefecture-produced Shine Muscat juice. Prices start at 190 yen for the S size and 260 yen for the M size.

Yuzu Kosho Mayo Sauce

McDonald's "Yuzu Kosho Mayo Sauce

A new sauce that can be added to any purchase of Chicken McNuggets. The spiciness of the yuzu kosho and the mild mayo go perfectly with the Chicken McNuggets.

Prices may vary at select stores and delivery locations.