Godiva "Chocolat Danish", "Chocolat & Raspberry Sandwich", etc.

Godiva Bread and Confectionery 5 items

Shikishima Baking will release 3 items, "Chocolat Danish", "Chocolat & Raspberry Sandwich" and "Chocolat Omelette 2 pieces", jointly developed with Godiva Japan, on December 1 in Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu regions. The product will go on sale at some convenience stores from November 22 and at some mass merchandisers from November 23. The price is open to the public.

In addition, two items, "Chocolat Stollen" and "Chocolat Pound Cake" will be available only on December 1. The area of release differs depending on the product.

This joint project started this spring, and Yannick Chevorot, Godiva's executive chef chocolatier/pastry chef, who is in charge of developing new products for Godiva's Japanese market, was directly involved in the development, selecting the best chocolates for this product. The packaging uses Godiva brand colors and a large Godiva logo to create a sense of luxury.

Chocolat Danish:

Danish dough made of domestic wheat, filled with chocolate cream and Belgian chocolate, wrapped with cake batter filled with Belgian chocolate chips and dried cranberries, baked and coated with chocolate.

Godiva "Chocolat Danish


& Raspberry Sandwich

Chocolate chips kneaded into the dough, topped with cake batter and fried cacao nibs, baked, and sandwiched between chocolate cream with Belgian chocolate and raspberry jam.

Godiva "Chocolat & Raspberry Sandwich


omelette (2 pieces)

: Dough kneaded with chocolate cream containing Belgian chocolate, filled with chocolate cream and chocolate whipped cream with Belgian chocolate chips, topped with chocolate sticks and cocoa powder. * Not available in the Tohoku region.

Godiva "Chocolat omelette, 2 pieces"

Chocolat Stollen

: A Japanese wheat dough is mixed with Belgian chocolate chips, chocolate paste, mixed fruits, and hazelnuts, and baked into Stollen. You can enjoy the rich cocoa flavor. (Comes in a decorative box.)

Godiva "Chocolat Stollen

Chocolat P

ound Cake A pound cake made with Belgian chocolate chips, dark chocolate and liquor kneaded into the batter, baked and studded with Belgian shave chocolate. (Comes in a decorative box with alcohol formulation attached) * Not available in the Tohoku region.

Godiva "Chocolat Pound Cake