Cinnabon "Mini strawberry chocolate bonbons
Mini Strawberry Choco Bon

Cinnabon Mini Strawberry Chocobon

Cinnabon is introducing a limited time only sweet called Mini Strawberry Chocobon, available from February 22, 2023 to late April.


rolls are made with strawberry pulp frosting to bring out the spring season

. The base is the classic "Mini Chocobon" flavor. Special chocolate paste is wrapped in moist dough and baked. The taste of melting chocolate can be enjoyed. The signature Cinnabon sweet is the cinnamon roll made with macaracinnamon, but these mini chocolate bonbons can be enjoyed by those who do not like cinnamon.

The Cinnabon Mini Strawberry Chocobon is also tailored for those who do not like cinnamon. The combination of the bitterness of the mini chocolate bonbons and the sweet and sour strawberry frosting will make your mouth water. You can also enjoy the strawberry chocolate topping.

The Mini Strawberry Chocobon will be available at the Roppongi store, LUCUA Osaka store, and other Cinnabon stores nationwide. However, the sales period may differ depending on the store.