How to prepare asparagus
To enjoy the crunchy texture of asparagus, don't forget to do some simple prep work! Simply peel the root and hard skin.
Raw materials asparagus
Tool Peeler, knife, cutting board
Working hours 10Minutes
1. snap off the root
2. Or cut off the root with a knife.
3. Peel the hard skin with a peeler.
4. Cut into usable pieces or heat to cook.

How to prepare asparagus

Asparagus is a bright green vegetable that adds color to dishes. Asparagus has a delicious crunchy texture, but if you neglect simple preparation, you may end up with stringy asparagus or hard parts that interfere with the texture, preventing you from enjoying the full flavor of asparagus! This article introduces the basic preparation method for asparagus.

How to Prepare Asparagus

The base of the asparagus is stringy and hard, so pinch it and bend it gently, breaking it where it snaps and removing it. A good rule of thumb is to remove about 2 to 3 cm from the base.

How to prepare asparagus

Step 1: How to Prepare Asparagus
It snaps with a nice snap.

If it does not break well, try making a shallow incision with a knife from the base and cut it off when it softens a little.

Step 2: How to prepare asparagus

Peel the hard part of the skin 4 to 5 cm from the broken root with a peeler.

Step 3: How to prepare asparagus

Step 4: How to Prepare Asparagus

Now you've done the prep work! Now you can cut, boil, or steam them according to how you want to cook them. If you cannot use up the asparagus right away, you can freeze them for up to 3 weeks.

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