Mochi Recipe Summary

We have compiled a list of "rice cake recipes" that are convenient for consuming leftover rice cakes from the New Year's holiday. There are 4 recipes including "Mitarashi Mochi" which is easy to make in the microwave and "Garibata Soy Sauce Mochi" which is so good you will be addicted to it.

Easy "Mitarashi Mochi" in the microwave

Mochi Recipe Summary

This snack is a replica of the delicious taste of sticky, sweet and sour "Mitarashi Dango" made with rice cake. Easy to make in the microwave!

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Garibata Soy Sauce Mochi

Mochi Recipe Summary

Introducing "Garibata Soy Sauce Mochi," a recipe for consuming rice cakes left over from the New Year's holiday. The delicious taste will not spur you to gain weight during the New Year's holiday.

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Sauteed rice cake with butter

Mochi Recipe Summary

Recipe for "sauteed rice cake with butter" is recommended for consuming leftover rice cake. It has a fresh Western-style flavor that makes it an irresistible snack. Easy to make in a frying pan.

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Crunchy Rice Crackers

Mochi Recipe Summary

This is a recipe for "Crunchy Rice Crackers," an easy-to-make rice cake arrangement that does not require fire. We introduce two flavors: a soy sauce flavor with a sweet-savory taste and a cinnamon-sugar flavor with a rich aroma.

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