Funabashiya "Strawberry Milk Anmitsu"

"Strawberry milk anmitsu" is on sale from each Funabashiya and Funabashiya Koyomi store. The sale period is until January 31st. The price is 530 yen (excluding tax).

・ What is Funabashiya?
A Kanto-style Kuzumochi restaurant that was founded in the Edo period in 1805 and celebrated its 216th anniversary in 2021. Funabashiya's Kuzumochi is a fermented food made by lactic acid fermentation of "wheat starch" for 450 days and steaming it. Because it is lactic acid fermented for a long time, it produces a unique texture and elasticity. In addition, from the desire to "deliver natural products to customers as they are," we continue to stick to natural manufacturing methods that do not use preservatives.

"Strawberry Milk Anmitsu" is a menu that combines agar, red peas, milk bean paste, strawberries, kuzumochi, and gyuhi (pink and white).

Funabashiya's agar is made from Amakusa, which has been carefully scrutinized from all over the country, mainly from the Seven Islands of Izu, and is carefully boiled and hardened. It has a strong rocky shore scent and is characterized by a crunchy texture.

"Strawberry milk anmitsu" is topped with fertilizer with a chewy texture, milk bean paste made by mixing white bean paste with condensed milk, and seasonal strawberries. Two slices of kuzumochi, which is a signboard product, are also included. The salty red peas enhance the sweetness of the milk bean paste. Sprinkle with white honey and enjoy.