Funabashiya "Strawberry Milk Anmitsu"

"Strawberry Milk Anmitsu" will be on sale for a limited time at all Funabashiya, Funabashiya Koyomi, BE: SIDE stores and the official online shopping site. The sale period is from January 8th to January 31st. The price is 540 yen per piece (excluding tax).

Strawberry milk anmitsu

"Strawberry Milk Anmitsu" is a limited edition Anmitsu in January. The contents are agar, red peas, milk bean paste, strawberries, kuzumochi, and gyuhi (pink and white). Funabashiya's agar has a strong shore scent and is characterized by a crunchy texture. Gyuhi with a chewy texture, sweet and smooth textured milk bean paste, and seasonal strawberries are added. I also added two slices of kuzumochi, which is a signboard product.

The salty red peas bring out the sweetness of the milk bean paste. It is prepared with molasses to enhance the taste of the ingredients and the sweetness of the milk bean paste. It is a perfect item for winter in red and white colors.

Funabashiya "Strawberry Milk Anmitsu" has a cute appearance. Not only can you enjoy it yourself, but it is also recommended as a souvenir. This is a limited edition item for January, so if you are interested, please check it out as soon as possible.