Blessed Autumn Fruit Anmitsu" from Funabashiya

Blessed Autumn Fruit Anmitsu" will be available for a limited time at Funabashiya and Funabashiya official mail order. It will be on sale from September 17 to October 15. The price is 670 yen (tax included).

Blessing of Autumn Fruits Anmitsu

The seasonal anmitsu "Blessing of Autumn Fruits Anmitsu" is available to enjoy the taste of autumn. Chestnut paste mixed with white bean paste and chestnut sweetened red bean paste are added, allowing you to feel the taste of chestnuts twice at once. You can enjoy the true taste of chestnuts. In addition, seasonal fruits such as grapes and persimmons are also used, which will surely make you feel the harvest season. Funabashiya's specialty anmitsu, which is accented with bite-sized kuzumochi (bean curd cake), comes with a choice of rich, thick kuromitsu (black honey) or light, sweet shiro-mitsu (white honey).

About Funabashiya

Founded in 1805 during the Edo period, Funabashiya is a Kanto style kuzumochi shop that celebrated its 217th year in business in 2022. Funabashiya's kuzumochi is a fermented food made by steaming "wheat starch" after 450 days of lactic acid fermentation. The long lactic acid fermentation process produces a unique crunchiness and elasticity.