Funabashiya "Omatcha Fruit Anmitsu

Funabashiya Omatcha F

ruits Anmitsu Omatcha Fruits Anmitsu will be available at Funabashiya (except BE:SIDE Omotesando store) and the official online store for a limited time. It will be on sale from May 16 to May 31. The price is 600 yen per piece (tax included).


Fruits Anmitsu: The perfect anmitsu for this season of dazzling fresh greenery. The rich green tea bean paste is combined with seasonal melon, mandarin oranges, and apples simmered in honey. Funabashiya's signature kuzumochi (bean curd cake) and shiratama (white bean curd) are added for a luxurious touch. The homemade rich molasses is drizzled over the top to enjoy. This seasonal anmitsu is a delight both in taste and appearance.


Funabashiya Funabashiya is a Kanto style kuzumochi shop founded in 1805 during the Edo period and celebrating its 218th anniversary in 2023. Funabashiya's Kuzumochi is a fermented food made by steaming "wheat starch" after 450 days of lactic acid fermentation. The lactic acid fermentation for a period of time produces a unique crunchiness and elasticity. In addition, we continue to stick to the natural process without using any preservatives because we want to deliver natural products as they are.