Funabashiya "Chocolat Anmitsu

Funabashiya Chocolat An

mitsu Chocolat Anmitsu will be available at Funabashiya and its official mail order site. The release date is February 2. It will be on sale until February 14. The price is 594 yen (tax included).


Anmitsu The seasonal Anmitsu for the first half of February is "Chocolat Anmitsu" recommended for Valentine's Day. The rich and smooth chocolate bean paste is used in the agar, which is characterized by its crispy texture. The addition of mandarin oranges and yellow peaches gives it a sweet and sour flavor.

The heart-shaped strawberry agar and kuzumochi make for a cute appearance. You can choose either brown or white honey. Funabashiya's most popular chocolat anmitsu.


is a Kanto style kuzumochi shop founded in 1805 during the Edo period and celebrating its 218th anniversary in 2023. Funabashiya's kuzumochi is a fermented food made by steaming wheat starch after 450 days of lactic acid fermentation.

The long lactic acid fermentation process produces a unique crunchiness and elasticity. In addition, we continue to adhere to a natural production process that does not use preservatives, in the hopes of delivering natural products as they are.