5 Egg Recipes for Egg Lovers

Here are 5 egg lover recipes for egg lovers by egg lovers. Just by looking at the pictures, you can't help but think about the egg dishes, all of which have simple procedures, so be sure to try the ones you care about!

1. "Atsuage egg cheese", a snack for beer

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5 Egg Recipes for Egg Lovers

A simple recipe that does not use a stove. Cut out the middle of the fried tofu and insert the egg. Shake the salt and pepper, heat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, then put the melted cheese on it and bake it in the toaster oven to complete it! The fluffy fried tofu, the mellow cheese, and the mellowness of the entwined eggs are irresistible!

2. The secret ingredient is condensed milk! "Mellow condensed milk egg sandwich"

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5 Egg Recipes for Egg Lovers

If you have extra condensed milk in your fridge, this is a simple recipe that you should definitely try. Crush the boiled egg, add salt, mayonnaise, and condensed milk and mix. If you put this filling in a loaf of bread, you will have an excellent egg sandwich! The richness and sweetness of creamy condensed milk wraps the plump and fluffy eggs, and it's insanely delicious.

3. "MOW" Egg fried with vanilla ice cream

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5 Egg Recipes for Egg Lovers

If you like sweet omelet, you definitely want to eat it. Put vanilla in moe ice in a bowl, melt in a microwave, add eggs and mix well. Just bake with this! The omelet like fluffy sweets is ready! The plump, plump, elastic texture and mellow vanilla sweetness spread fragrantly, which is the best.

4. "Fluffy scrambled eggs" like breakfast at a hotel

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5 Egg Recipes for Egg Lovers

A recipe that allows you to make your own fluffy scrambled eggs, like eating at a hotel or cafe! Mix eggs, milk and mayonnaise with a whisk and add cheese. Pour the butter into a frying pan, slowly over low heat, and bake it so that it folds back from the edges. With this knack, it's not a dream to recreate a hotel breakfast-style scrambled eggs at home!

5. Hotel Okura "Okura Special French Toast"

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5 Egg Recipes for Egg Lovers

The last is the recipe actually published by the hotel. It's a recipe that takes time to soak bread with cut ears in egg liquid that combines egg, milk, sugar, and vanilla essence for a whole day (12 hours on each side, both sides) and bake it. Well! You can enjoy the fluffy and melty texture when you eat it. Your home time will be fulfilled!