Fuji Soba "Earth's rich miso ramen" store only

Fuji Soba, a standing-eating soba chain that operates mainly in the Kanto region, has been selling "Daichi no Miso Ramen" as a store-only menu from November. It's full for the winter season.

The selling price is 460 yen (tax included) per cup. It has been announced that you can easily eat miso ramen with the image of authentic Hokkaido at a reasonable price, and it is made as a menu suitable for the coming cold season.

Fuji Soba has the impression that it is mainly made of soba and rice bowls, but it is also popular as a menu known to those who know "niboshi ramen," which is treated as a store-only menu. This time, miso ramen is prepared as a new seasoning. As of November 5, there are only 7 stores in Tokyo. The list is as follows.

・ Oji store, Kyodo store, Sengawa store, Kunitachi store, Ishigami Park store, Suidobashi store, Komagome store

You can check the detailed location and business dates of each store from the official website of Fuji Soba.