Fuji Soba "Meat Ginger Soba (Udon)" "Meat Spicy Soba (Udon)"
(All images are from the official website of Fuji Soba)

It was announced on the official website that a project entitled "[Soba de Poka Poka] Meat Ginger Soba vs Meat Spicy Soba" will start at Fuji Soba. Two types of "meat ginger soba (udon)" and "meat spicy soba (udon)" will be available only at stores from November 19th.

Meat ginger soba (udon)

Fuji Soba "Meat Ginger Soba (Udon)" "Meat Spicy Soba (Udon)"

"Meat ginger soba (udon)" is a menu of ginger-flavored pork ribs with acupuncture ginger on top, and is a refreshing and warm dish. The selling price is 550 yen (tax included, same below).

Meat spicy soba (udon)

Fuji Soba "Meat Ginger Soba (Udon)" "Meat Spicy Soba (Udon)"

"Meat Ribs Soba (Udon)" is a menu for spicy parties that is made by sprinkling a bit of powder on pork ribs mixed with miso soba. The selling price is 530 yen.

The following 18 stores are available.

・ Fuji Soba Ikebukuro store ・ Fuji Soba Prince store ・ Fuji Soba Nippori store ・ Fuji Soba Suidobashi store ・ Fuji Soba Ichigaya Gobancho store ・ Fuji Soba Shimbashi station square store ・ Fuji Soba Soba Gotanda store, Fuji Soba Kamata store, Fuji Soba Keikyu Kamata store, Fuji Soba Sasatsuka store, Fuji Soba Hamadayama store, Fuji Soba Keido store, Fuji Soba Sengawa store, Fuji Soba Fuji Soba National Store, Fuji Soba Ishigami Park Store, Fuji Soba Mizuhodai Store, Fuji Soba Fujimino Store, Fuji Soba Kawagoe Store