Fuji Soba "Tako Tensoba"
(* All images are from the official website of Fuji Soba)

It was announced on the official website that "Takoten Soba" will appear as a store-limited menu at Fuji Soba. You can order at the store with the poster.

The selling price is 460 yen (tax included, same below). The umami of the octopus is an appetizing tailoring. The octopus with a plump and juicy texture is wrapped in a crispy batter. "Takoten Udon", which uses udon instead of soba, is also available.

Octopus was used because the squid gesoten is a popular standard menu at standing eating soba restaurants, and the limited-time collaboration menu "Gindaco" supervised by "Tsukiji Gindaco" that appeared in January was popular. It was made as the second item on the menu.

At stores where octopus soba and octopus udon are sold, you can also order three octopus heavens as a topping for 150 yen and enjoy them.

Fuji Soba "Tako Ten Soba" with octopus with a plump and juicy texture

As of February 10, the number of stores is limited, but it is expected to increase in the future. It is also aimed to become a standard menu depending on its popularity.