Nakau says "Kamaage Shirasu Sudachi Grated Udon"
Sudachi grated udon noodles

From July 30th, a new menu "Kamaage Shirasu Sudachi Grated Udon" will be on sale at "Nakau", a bowl of yellowtail and Kyoto-style udon.

"Kamaage Shirasu no Sudachi Grated Udon" is a cup of Sudachi's refreshing sourness and shirasu umami, which is made by adding plenty of Kamaage Shirasu from Setouchi to Nakau's summer tradition "Sudachi Grated Udon". The selling price is 390 yen for the (small) size and 590 yen for the (medium) size.

In the "Nakau x Nana Mizuki Present Campaign" that will be held at the same time, in addition to "Kamaage Shirasu no Sudachi Grated Udon", "Unaju", "Unadon Gorgeous", "Rib Roast Steak", and "Four Kinds of Cheese Oyakodon (Medium / Large)" If you order a target menu such as "NANA Call +" that you can talk to Nana Mizuki on a videophone by lottery, you will win benefits such as "Nakau x Nana Mizuki Collaboration Blanket".

Nakau says "Kamaage Shirasu Sudachi Grated Udon"
Button Badges

There is also a take-out limited campaign where you can always get one original can badge on a first-come, first-served basis when you order the target menu with you.