Hanamaru Udon x Koupen-chan! Collaboration menu with stickers drawn by Koupen-chan

The first collaboration project with the smartphone game app "Koupen-chan Hanamaru Hiyori" will be held from July 28th on the Sanuki udon chain "Hanamaru Udon".

Since the title of the Koupen-chan app has an affinity with "Hanamaru", the Sanuki udon chain "Hanamaru Udon" and the smartphone game app "Koupen-chan Hanamaru Hiyori" are collaborating. A limited number of collaboration sets with stickers drawn by Koupen will be on sale. The contents of the set are as follows.

"Koupen-chan set" 590 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below)
Hot ball bukkake (small) cold / warm / fried chikuwa isobe / squid heaven / Koupen-chan 1 sticker

"Nikohana set" 390 yen Udon (small) Cold / hot / 1 mini omelet / 5 salt-boiled green soybeans / 2 mini jelly / 1 toy / 1 Koupen-chan sticker

* "Nikohana set" is not available at some stores. * Prices and menu contents are partially different at "Umagena", "Sanuki Menya", and "Tsurusaku" stores. * Koupen-chan sticker is gone. As soon as it is discontinued

There are 5 types of Koupen-chan stickers. The stickers provided are random.

In addition, collaboration limited items such as "Hanamaru Udon's clerk Koupen-chan" and "Hanamaru Udon Original Ryori Zaka" will appear in the game app "Koupen-chan Hanamaru Hiyori", and "Hanamaru Udon official app" With the appearance of "Koupen-chan", a happy collaboration project will be carried out.