Beard Papa Tsuchiura Station Limited "Blueberry Deco Shoe"

As a new concept shop for cream puff shop Beard Papa, "Beard Papa Tsuchiura Station Store" will open on August 5th at the concourse outside the ticket gate of Tsuchiura Station in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture. We sell cream puffs unique to "Bicycle Town" and "local production for local consumption cream puffs" using ingredients from Ibaraki prefecture in collaboration with local farmers.

Beard Papa Tsuchiura Station

◆ Limited products

"Blueberry Deco Shoe" is a cream puff limited to the Tsuchiura Station store, which is full of blueberries. Luxuriously decorated with cream using fresh blueberry fruits and jam from Ibaraki prefecture. You can enjoy the refreshing taste. The sale period is scheduled for August 5th to 31st. The price is 380 yen (tax included, same below).

Beard Papa Tsuchiura Station Limited "Blueberry Deco Shoe"

"Crocan Paris-Brest" is a special Paris-Brest that Beard Papa prepared for "Tsuchiura, the city of bicycles" that can only be enjoyed here. A mellow caramel cream is embedded in the croquembouche dough that you can enjoy the crunchy texture. The price is 250 yen.

Beard Papa Tsuchiura Station Limited "Crocan Paris Brest"

◆ Standard products

"Pie cream puff (custard)" is Beard Papa's standard shoe that is particular about the ingredients and manufacturing method. The balance between texture and cream is the secret of its popularity. The price is 170 yen.

Beard Papa's "Pie Cream Puff (Custard)"

"Cookie shoe (custard)" is a crispy cookie dough that Beard Papa's pride is topped with a sweet cookie dough with a crispy texture. You can enjoy the rich flavor. The price is 190 yen.

Beard Papa's "Cookie Shoe (Custard)"

◆ Summer only

"Reward shoe ice cream" is a shoe ice cream packed with the specialties of a cream puff shop. The price is 210 yen each.

Beard Papa's "Reward Shoe Ice"