Coconut Sable Puffs" Coconut Sable and Beard Papa's first collaboration

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Coconut Sable

x Beard Papa Coconut Sable P

uffs Beard Papa will sell Coconut Sable Puffs, the first collaboration product with Nissin Sysco's long-selling biscuit "Coconut Sable". The product will go on sale on November 1. The product will be on sale until November 30. The price is 260 yen (tax included).


Sablé Puff The coconut sablé has been made into a cream puff! The "Coconut Sablé Puff" is inspired by the "coconut sablé," which has the original flavor and taste of coconut. The crunchy and fragrant coconut puff pastry is combined with coconut-scented custard cream to express the taste of coconut sablé.

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To celebrate the release of the "Coconut Sable Puff", Beard Papa's official SNS account will be running a SNS speed raffle campaign for seven consecutive days from October 27, before the release of the product, to win Beard Papa's eGift tickets. See the official account for details.

Not available at Toyota T-FACE store, Central Park store, and Seibu Haijima Station store.
* Sales period and items may change or not be available at each store.
* Black grains in the cream are vanilla beans.