Hanamaru ni one coin To go menu
Clockwise from the upper left, "Tendon", "Karaage Bento", "Croquette Curry", "Tenzaru Bento"

At Hanamaru Udon, we To go "Udon", "Tempura", "Oden", and "Rice". There are also various special menus with a selling price of one coin.

You can To go udon noodles from the classic "hot ball bukkake" to the seasonal menu. You cannot use only "Kamatama" and "Kamaage", but other udon noodles will be taken home at the corresponding stores.

In addition to the udon menu, "curry rice," "salt pork bowl," "beef rice," "fried chicken bowl," "tempura," and "oden" are also eligible for To go.

The To go menu is especially eye-catching. The selling price is uniform at 500 yen (tax included), and there are four types of lunch boxes: "Tendon", "Karaage Bento", "Croquette Curry", and "Tenzaru Bento". Udon, tempura, and inari-zushi bento are cool.

In addition, some stores may not have a To go menu or To go. We recommend that you check the store overview page on the official website of Hanamaru Udon for the support status of each store.