Zunda Shake" Miyagi Furusato Plaza, Aoba Dango Honpo

Ikebukuro Miyagi Furusato Plaza Aoba Dango Honpo Zunda Shake Zunda Shake

You can find the Miyagi Furusato Plaza, an antenna store of Miyagi Prefecture, about a 2-minute walk from the east exit of JR Ikebukuro Station toward the Sunshine district. Did you know that Zunda-flavored sweets are sold near the entrance?

Ikebukuro Miyagi Furusato Plaza

You purchase a ticket from a ticket machine and place your order (cashless payment is accepted at the counter). When the author visited, the following menu was offered.

Ikebukuro Miyagi Furusato Plaza "Zunda Shake

Zunda Soft ¥400
- Zunda Shake ¥450
- Chibi-Zunda Parfait ¥500

After much deliberation, I chose the Zunda Shake! I had often seen people drinking it and was still attracted by the word "popular product". ......

Ikebukuro Miyagi Furusato Plaza "Zunda Shake

You can pick up your shake at the counter right next to it. It looks slightly green. The straw is also green and pretty.

Ikebukuro Miyagi Furusato Plaza "Zunda Shake

The shake is heavier than I expected. When you suck it up, it is ...... amazing! Zunda! The bean flavor and sweetness spread in your mouth. It's exactly the taste of Zunda turned into a shake! It is too good! ......

Ikebukuro Miyagi Furusato Plaza "Zunda Shake

The texture is a bit sticky at first, but the heat in the mouth melts it. The sweetness makes it quite drinkable! If you like Zunda, you must try it at least once.

If you visit Ikebukuro, you should definitely stop by Miyagi Furusato Plaza. You can find Miyagi's specialty products in the store.