Mita Noodle Factory's To go service
Enjoy their classic thick tsukemen noodles to-go!

Mita Seimenjyo begins selling To go

Tsukemen specialty restaurant "Mita Seimenjo" has started selling To go. Not only tsukemen, but also aburasoba, karaage bento, etc. are available for To go.

As opportunities to eat at home are increasing and ramen and tsukemen chains are launching To go and delivery services one after another, Mita Seimenjo has also responded by offering To go.

Konko Tsukemen

The standard "Konetsu Tsukemen" (thick tsukemen) is normally priced at 790 yen (tax included, same below), but for a limited time only, it is discounted 100 yen to 690 yen. You can choose either a medium or a large portion for the same price. You can also order "back fat" for an additional 100 yen, or "spicy" for 60 yen. Various toppings can also be added.


The To go-only flavor "Aburasoba" is 690 yen. A large portion can be ordered for an additional 100 yen.

Karaage Bento

The "Karaage Bento" is a boxed lunch featuring the fried chicken that won the gold award at the 11th Karaage Grand Prix sponsored by the Japan Karaage Association for 590 yen. A large serving of rice is available for an additional 100 yen. A set of five individual pieces of karaage can also be taken home for 480 yen.

Mita Noodle Factory's To go service
Also, fried soba noodles and fried chicken lunchboxes.

Both are available at Mita Seimenjo stores. Please note, however, that the Ebisu-Minami and Yurakucho branches do not offer the karaage menu.