LeTAO "Hokkaido Strawberry Double" for a limited time

The seasonal "Hokkaido Strawberry Double" is on sale from Otaru Western Confectionery LeTAO. The diameter is 12 cm and the price is 1,728 yen (tax included). Shipping fee is 890 yen. The sale period is until May 10. Delivery period is until May 15th.

"Hokkaido Strawberry Double" is the most popular "Double Fromage" strawberry flavor. Along with the pink sponge clam with strawberries and framboise, you can enjoy the deliciousness that melts softly in your mouth as one.

The lower layer of baked cheese was matched with the Hokkaido strawberries that the chef met at the farm. Strawberries cultivated in Tokachi, Hokkaido, where there are many sunny days and the temperature difference between day and night is large. It has a moderate sweetness and a modest acidity, making it ideal for sweets. It features a rich aroma and a refreshing flavor.

The upper layer of rare cheese is mascarpone cheese from Ambrosi, northern Italy. We have accumulated many trials to bring out the milky feeling that gives off a deep sweetness and richness.

The basis of the taste is LeTAO's special fresh cream from Hokkaido. Although it has a strong milk fat content of 42%, it has a mysteriously refreshing taste with the addition of 100% Hokkaido sugar beet sugar.