Tsukiji Gindako "Croissant Taiyaki 'Dark Amao, Strawberry Miruku'".
Croissant Taiyaki "Dark Amao, Strawberry Miruku


Gindako Croissant

Taiyaki "Dark Amao, Strawberry


Tsukiji Gindako will introduce a new seasonal flavor in its Croissant Taiyaki series, Croissant Taiyaki "Dark Amao, Strawberry Milk", which will be available at stores nationwide from March 18, 2023. The price is 290 yen per piece for To go (tax included, same below) and 295 yen for eat-in.

Croissant Taiyaki"

with twice the amount of strawberries and condensed milk cream

is an original sweet of the Taiyaki specialty store "Gin-no-an". The 24 layers of dough are baked at high temperature from both sides of the griddle at once, creating a unique crispy texture. One bite will fill your mouth with the mellow aroma of the filling and the rich, thick flavor of the homemade red bean paste. The unique texture of the crust is more pronounced when it is allowed to settle a little, not to mention freshly baked.

Tsukiji Gindako "Croissant Taiyaki 'Dark Amao, Strawberry Miruku'".

The amount of strawberries (strawberry) has been doubled since before, and "Amao strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture", "Amao cream", "special Amao sauce" and "condensed milk cream" from Hokkaido have been combined, and the rich and creamy flavor of condensed milk enhances the deep sweetness and subtle sourness that is the charm of the Amao, allowing you to enjoy the Amao flavor. You can enjoy the flavor of Amao.

Tsukiji Gindako "Croissant Taiyaki 'Dark Amao, Strawberry Miruku'".

The original dough is also kneaded with strawberry pulp, and one side is topped with pomegranate sugar and almond slices for a crispy and savory baking experience. The slightly pinkish color of this lovely looking product reminds us of the arrival of spring.