Marugame Seimen Tempura To go 30% off
30% discount on Marugame Seimen tempura

With Marugame Seimen, if you take home 5 or more tempura, you will get a 30% discount. The plan is to make it easy to eat freshly fried tempura at home. It will be available for a limited time from April 16th to the end of May.

The target is all tempura products. The type of tempura made may differ depending on the store. If you are in a hurry, you can buy a pre-made one, or ask the shop staff to make a freshly fried one. The purchase flow is as follows.

(1) Choose the size of the box (2) Put your favorite tempura in the box (3) Purchase a special cup for an additional 30 yen (tax included) when you bring back the tentsuyu and condiments (4) Check out at the cash register (5) Put it in a special bag and take it home

Marugame Seimen Tempura To go 30% discount
Easy to buy

"Recommended way to eat" at home for To go tempura is also provided.

(1) Cut the aluminum foil to a suitable size, crumple it once, and spread it again (excess oil will be removed by making a groove).
(2) Arrange the tempura so that they do not overlap (3) Warm with an oven toaster (500W) for about 5 minutes to complete.

Marugame Seimen Tempura To go 30% discount
Warming is easy with an oven toaster!

There are other ways to enjoy udon besides toppings, and the following arrangements are introduced.

Marugame Seimen Tempura To go 30% discount
Also as a side dish of tendon or rice

For example, if you put the most popular Kashiwaten, the plump shrimp heaven, and the sweet potato heaven that is popular with children on rice, and add the heavenly sauce, it will become a tendon bowl. Alternatively, you can use fried vegetables with plenty of volume or tempura with seasonal tempura, and simply salt the chewy chikuwa heaven or squid heaven to make a side dish of rice.

As a general rule, the campaign will be held at Marugame Seimen nationwide, but some stores are not eligible. In addition, we recommend that you contact the store before coming to the store, as business hours may change or the store may be temporarily closed.