Lawson "Karaage Kun Lemon Flavor"

At each Lawson store, "Karaage-kun Lemon Flavor" is on sale from April 14th as a new standard of the original fried foods "Karaage-kun". It is the first time in 17 years that a new standard has been added to the regular, red, and Hokkaido cheese flavors that are the standard of karaage-kun. The price is 216 yen (tax included).

"Karaage Kun Lemon Flavor" uses 100% domestic chicken breast and 100% domestic flour batter. Domestic Setouchi lemon juice (97.4% is derived from Setouchi lemon) and domestic salt (71.1% of domestic salt in salt) are added as seasoning.

Lawson is promoting the domestic production of karaage-kun as a raw material. Of the raw materials, chicken is "100% domestic chicken breast" since 2014, and karaage flour is "100% domestic flour" (*) since 2018. Manufactured under strict quality control at domestic factories. * Foreign wheat is used on the same line when producing wheat flour.

From December 2019, we have further promoted the domestic production of karaage kun by using domestic salt for "karaage kun regular" and domestic chili pepper for "karaage kun red". "Karaage-kun Hokkaido Cheese Flavor" uses cheese from Hokkaido, and from December 2019, the type of cheese has been changed from two to three, resulting in a richer taste.

Lawson Karaage Kun's classic regular, red, Hokkaido cheese flavor