LAWSON "Kara-Age Kun Happy Turn Flavor", "L Chiki Happy Turn Flavor", "Drink Happy Turn Au Lait".

On May 24, LAWSON will release "KARAAGEKUN Happy Turn Flavor," "L-Tiki Happy Turn Flavor," "Drink Happy Turn au Lait," "Home Pie Mini Happy Turn Flavor," "Happy Turn Covered in Powder," and "Happy Turn Flavor Yakisoba" in collaboration with Kameda Seika's "Happy Turn. Happy Turn Flavor Fried Noodles will be on sale on May 24.

KARAAGEKUN Happy Turn Flavor

The unique sweetness of Kameda's popular "Happy Turn" is reproduced in Karaage-kun. This is the first time that KARAAGEKUN and Happy Turn have collaborated. The fun package design expresses the world of Happy Turn. The price is 216 yen (tax included, same as below).

LAWSON "Kara-Age Kun Happy Turn Flavor

L Chiki Happy Turn Flavor

L Chiki is a juicy chicken and crispy batter with the unique sweetness of Happy Turn. Price: 214 yen.

LAWSON "L Chiki Happy Turn Flavor

Drinking Happy Turn au Lait

An addictive drink with a sweet and milky taste, inspired by the flavor of Happy Turn. Price: 168 yen.

LAWSON "Drink Happy Turn au Lait

Home Pie Mini Happy Turn Flavor

Home Pie with the gentle taste of sugar and butter and a crunchy texture, with the added sweetness of Happy Turn. Priced at 140 yen.

Lawson "Home Pie Mini Happy Turn Flavor

Happy Turn covered with powder

Easy-to-eat bite-sized dough covered in Happy Powder. The price is 118 yen.

Lawson ""Happy Turn" covered with powder

Happy Turn Flavor Fried Noodles

You can enjoy the smooth and sticky texture of the noodles and the chicken flavor based on the sauce, which reproduces the sweet and sour Happy Turn flavor with a hint of consommé. Topped with a fried onion ball. Price: 198 yen.

LAWSON "Happy Turn Flavor Fried Noodles