LAWSON "Kara-Age-Kun Adulting Cheese Flavor" and "Sauce in Kara-Age-Kun Thick Cheese Flavor

LAWSON "KARAAGEKUN Otona ni Natta Cheese Flavor" and "Sauce in KARAAGEKUN, Thick Cheese Flavor"

"KARAAGEKUN Otona ni Natta Cheese Flavor" will be released on April 4 (Tue.) at Lawson stores. The "Sauce in KARAAGEKUN Melting~ri Thick Cheese Flavor" will be on sale again.

Karaage-kun Adultized Cheese


This product was created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Karaage-kun's cheese flavor*, which became the third regular Karaage-kun flavor following Regular and Red in April 2003. This flavor was developed based on the concept of "this is what Hokkaido cheese tastes like when you are an adult! The current name of the product is "Kara-Age-Kun-Red".

The current product name is "Kara-Age-Kun Hokkaido Cheese," which was originally "Kara-Age-Kun Cheese" in 2003, but was renamed to the current name in 2013 when the cheese origin was changed to 100% Hokkaido cheese.

Aged Parmesan cheese and Italian Gorgonzola cheese are used. The use of aged and peculiar tasting cheeses expresses a mature taste. Perfect as a snack with wine. Priced at 259 yen (tax included).

LAWSON "Kara-Age-Kun Adult Cheese Flavor" (Japanese only)

The cheese was prototyped five times, in five to nine patterns each, in order to compare and adjust the amount of cheese and the type of cheese used. We asked both gorgonzola lovers and haters to taste the product, and chose a combination that would make both say, "Delicious! We asked both gorgonzola lovers and haters to taste the product, and we chose a formula that would please both groups.


Thick Cheese Flavor

The popular "Sauce in KARAAGEKUN Thick Cheese Flavor" released in July 2022 will be sold again at LAWSON stores nationwide. The price is 259 yen (including tax).

LAWSON "Sauce in KARAAGE-KUN Thick and Thick Cheese Flavor

The product focuses on the texture of melted cheese and the richness of cheese flavor. The cheese sauce, a blend of three types of cheese (Cheddar, Gouda, and Parmesan) is trapped inside the batter, and the meat and batter are also flavored with cheese for a rich taste.

On Saturday, April 15, "Kara-Age-Kun" will celebrate 37 years since its launch. To date, more than 4 billion servings have been sold, and a total of approximately 350 flavors (as of the end of March 2023) have been developed.

Lawson "Kara-Age Kun

This year, to commemorate the birthday, the product is sold in a special package with limited quantities. The package design was created under the theme of "Happy Birthday" by artists with disabilities from PICFA, a facility for people with disabilities.