LAWSON "Kara-Age Kun Horinishi" and "Outdoor Spice Horinishi Onigiri".

KARAAGEKUN HORINISHI" and "Outdoor Spice HORINISHI Onigiri", a collaboration with the popular outdoor spice "HORINISHI", will go on sale at LAWSON stores. KARAAGEKUN HORINISHI Dry Mouth" and "HORINISHI Supervised The Camp Meal" will also be sold at Lawson stores in the Kinki region (2 prefectures and 4 prefectures).


KARAAGE-KUN HORINISHI is an outdoor spice made from a blend of more than 20 spices and seasonings. The spicy flavor makes it a perfect accompaniment to rice balls and a great snack for alcoholic beverages. Priced at 238 yen (tax included, same below). Available nationwide from August 2.

Outdoor Spice HORINISHI Onigiri

Fried rice-type onigiri using the outdoor spice "HORINISHI". The garlic rice is flavored with lard and seasoned with "HORINI-SHI" and stir-fried with sweet minced pork. The Japanese yuzu citrus gives it a refreshing taste perfect for summer. Priced at 149 yen. On sale nationwide from August 2.

Kara-Age-Kun Hot Spice "HORINISHI

The second KARAAGE-KUN menu item supervised by outdoor spice "HORINISHI". The spicy taste of the "HORINISHI Spicy" flavor is perfect for the hot season. Garlic is used as an accent. The price is 238 yen. Available in the Kinki area from August 2.

The Camp Meal supervised by HORINISHI

Garlic rice with the outdoor spice "HORINISHI" is topped with HORINISHI-flavored chicken steak and butter. The flavor of yuzu (citrus fruit) and garlic make for an appetizing bento. The price is 484 yen. Available in the Kinki area from August 9.


HORINI-SHI" is an original spice blend of more than 20 spices and seasonings developed by "Orange," an outdoor store in Katsuragi Town, Wakayama Prefecture, over a period of five years. It is a versatile seasoning that can easily recreate authentic flavors.