LAWSON "Kara-Age Kun Hokkaido Jaga Butter Flavor

Karaage-Kun Hokkaido Jaga Butter Flavor will be available at Lawson stores in Hokkaido. This product is made with Hokkaido young chicken meat, potatoes, Hokkaido butter, and Okhotsk salt.

Karaage-Kun Hokkaido Jaga Butter Flavor

KARAAGEKUN Hokkaido Jaga Butter Flavor is made with four Hokkaido products: Hokkaido young chicken meat, "Kitaakari" potatoes produced at Lawson Farm Hokkaido Iwanai, Hokkaido butter, and salt from Okhotsk. You can taste the familiar flavor of jaga butter in Hokkaido.

On sale from August 30. Price: 238 yen (tax included).


KARAAGE-KUN has been LAWSON's signature product since its launch on April 15, 1986, and has sold more than 3.7 billion servings to date. In addition to the standard "Regular," "Red," "Hokkaido Cheese," and "Lemon Flavor," a total of more than 320 flavors have been offered to date, including regional flavors based on local ingredients and local menus, and collaborations with anime.

In Hokkaido, "Karaage-Kun Jaga Butter Flavor" was launched in 2018 and became a hit product, selling 100,000 servings. At the time, it was also made with young Hokkaido chicken meat, Kita-Akari, and butter, but this time it also uses Okhotsk salt.