"Fried chicken bowl" at the legendary Sutadon restaurant
Fried chicken and rice bowl in one!

The bowl chain "Legendary Suta Donburi" and "Specialty Suta Donburi" sell a limited-time menu "Karaage Gosei Suta Don". A bowl of fried chicken with plenty of garlic and pork.

Special price 830 yen (tax included, same below). To go and delivery are also possible, and the price will be the same as in-store use.

The pork fried with "secret garlic soy sauce sauce" is placed on the same amount of rice as the regular serving of rice bowl, about 3 bowls of rice, and the shredded cabbage is piled up.

In addition to this, there are also three "Sutamina fried chicken" that are soaked in a sauce based on the secret garlic soy sauce sauce and fried.

"Fried chicken bowl" at the legendary Sutadon restaurant
This is the regular "Sutadon"

In addition, the regular serving of Sutadon is 630 yen, and the three fried chicken on the side menu is 230 yen, for a total of 860 yen, but this combined bowl is a great price of 30 yen. Also, increasing the amount of rice is free. This menu was created with the message, "Let's overcome a long battle together with this cup" (legendary Sutadonya).

It is sold at "Legendary Sutadonya" and "Specialty Sutadon" stores nationwide, but please note that it is not sold at "Nakano Shimbashi Store", "Mi-san's Store", and "Okachimachi Store". To.